Johnson Tsang’s Faces

Johnson Tsang is a sculptor based in Hong Kong. Facial expressions are often the highlight of his work, depicting a range of emotions. He shapes each aspect perfectly to depict the story he wants to tell.

The following sculpture is titled, “I’m fine.” The story is very prominent, only displaying one relaxed expression. The smaller face close to the center has a look of peace, even displaying a small smile with the corners of his lips. This face also is the only one that isn’t squashed as if something is pressing and weighing against it.

“I’m fine”

I think the piece shows on a deeper level that we can be fine even when we’re in the same situation that causes others to be exhausted, upset, angry, etc., because we can choose to be okay. I think that’s my take away from the piece, what’s yours? Let us and the artist know via social media!

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