Joining the Cult of the DARK LORD ESCADA

DARK LORD ESCADA aka Escada Gordon is a 24 yr. old from Detroit who creates on anything from shoes to walls. His art has multiple forms; one form has the same kind of aesthetic that you would find within the walls of a cult’s place of worship and another form that almost is an alternative pop culture style. This interview will provide insight on why one would delve into the following of the Dark Lord.

Lemon: So first, let’s talk about you. What name do you go by? How old are you, if you don’t mind? And how long have you been creating?

Escada Gordon mainly but lately DARK LORD ESCADA. I’m 24. I’ve been creating since I was 5 years old.

Lemon: What first got you into creating and what are your favorite means of creation?

Cartoons and children literature. Digital has been my go to.

Lemon: My favorites from your digital portfolio would have to be タイト 膣and the cover commision you did for Bandaid by Mykel Andre. What piece is your favorite?

My video game animations of Frank Ocean and Jaden Smith. And my cartoon bumps.

Lemon: You do murals too? Tell me a little about that.

Yes, I do murals a lot. I used to be a graffiti artist but I caught a case because of some tags I did in non-commissioned locations. In recent times, I’ve just been getting paid to do murals in small spaces or in gallery spaces. It’s always fun to do my murals with an audience though. I love to watch people admire my work as I work.

Lemon: You’ve also designed clothing which brings me to the question – What brings upon the difference between your digital art and your physical art? One is noticeably bright where the other seems to stem from a darker place.

Yeah, I’ve done a lot of crossing over in fields of art and clothing design/fashion comes to me pretty easy because I understand the core idea of it and how it should be tackled. I actually design dresses as well as other garments alongside a close friend of mine, Crystal Robinson (IG: @devil_inachiff). The reason why my art differs from each other depends on the media I use or the emotional state that I’m in while creating.

Lemon: Lastly, I saw a post of yours saying you wanted to start a cult just for the aesthetic of your art. Is this something you might actually do? What should we expect from you this year?

Yes, I am starting a cult… Cult of the Dark Lord. Nothing but good vibes, positive energy, creative energy, loving energy coated in a dark aesthetic. There’s nothing but great things happening in 2019 for me personally and my team of homies. We’re not an official team but we work together heavily to make our goals reachable.

Lemon: Any shout-outs or anything else you wanted to add?

SHOUT OUT TO.. my homies thalamus aka DJ DEADPHONE, Coast Wilde, Tre Fleming aka Chvck Norris, JoshAndTheBand, five thirteen, MONEY MANN MAFIA, THE CREATIVE COMPOUND, DJ Lansuh, Swoozy Dolphin, Tony Rave, WHlgns, youngest waffle, culture creators, AZA Messiah, Dennis London, Tiny Jag, Yung Foolay, kid Cudi, Frank Ocean, Daniel Johnston, Lemon, slick Tre, Crowd world, V. Stella Rex, Myron of the yellow wall, and SHOUT OUT TO DETROIT.

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