Knowing the Unknown

Peyton Whitfield is a 19 year old creative based in Houston, TX. Currently, his artwork consists of traditional art, as well as screen printing original designs that are created digitally. His style engages in darker themes with subliminal messages.

When not working on digital pieces, he is able to craft unusual and thought provoking pieces through a series of dynamic brush strokes and muted colors. What intrigues me about this particular piece titled “Beherit”, is the absence of one solid direction towards the meaning that lies behind it, yet the subtle presence of dread remains. The piece is a self portrait depicting Peyton with a partial skull revealing itself on the top corner of his face, vicious looking mouths and eyes are mounted on the background while an uncanny hand from an unknown source rest on his shoulder, yet despite the presence of such, the meaning behind them remains unknown. Perhaps the message was never meant to be known, rather it was meant to be interpreted by each individual mind. What does Peyton’s piece convey to you?

Find more of Peyton’s work here or view his website.