Look into The Unseen by Solarbroccoli

I reached out to Solar to find out more about his thoughts and his own view on his new piece “The Unseen.” Solar usually has a deeply embedded message in his art and he doesn’t mind sharing it when asked. In this piece he describes the overall battle of being an artist. With the Alien/Dinosaur representing Solar himself, being a special being set aside from the rest. The vibrant color and vibrancy depicts the talent and creativity artists have. Solar mentions how the man in overalls could really portray two different feelings, one being the negative and doubtful thoughts every artist deals with, and the other being shocked from the talent of the artist. The man in the ski mask in the top depicts his desire to get money and gain success. This piece really hold a story to it all, which I enjoy a lot about his art. Using his usual medium of Marker & Oil Pastel, I relate to Solar as an artist and as a person, so I always really enjoy when he releases a new piece, he hasn’t stopped since mentioning he’d be posting every day.

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The Unseen By Solar
The Unseen
Oil Pastel

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