Looking At Some of 2018’s Best Cover Art

2018 has been a great year for music. There have been huge releases from artists of all genres, including Post Malone, Ariana Grande, Joji, Travis Scott and many, many more. But with great albums come great cover art. Here I’ll be looking through some of my personal, favorite artworks from 2018! 

Keep in mind that these are listed in no particular order and being included in this list doesn’t mean I’m a fan of the artist/albums. These are based purely on the artwork alone! 

The title for this album is Uniform Distortion, by Jim James. I like that the two words, “Uniform” and “Distortion” have been taken very literally on the cover. Button down shirt = Uniform, and the grainy blur = Distortion. 

For me, the artwork for Colter Wall’s Songs of the Plains” couldn’t have been executed better. Wall’s music very much channels the West, and that old-time country sound. The artwork only adds to that overall image; from the fonts, to the imagery, everything here is just perfect. But that’s just my opinion.

If you know me, you’d know I absolutely love collage artwork, so because of that, I couldn’t leave out the cover art for Lykke Li’s So Sad So Sexy. There’s nothing more I can say, other than “I love it.

There are many things that I like about the Sleepwalking cover art. I think what I really like is the subject. Who is this person with no face? Maybe he does have a face, but if he does, why is it being hidden. Combine that with the simplistic blue color palette, and you get one fantastic album cover.

I don’t know why I like this cover so much. Maybe it’s the simplicity? Maybe it’s the abstraction? Either way, I just know that I really like the cover artwork for Mike Shinoda’s “Post Traumatic“.

What I like most about the artwork for Ghostemane’s “N / O / I / S / E” is the minimalism. The cover is literally referencing one of the tracks from this album, entitled Bonesaw. This cover does a fantastic job in reflecting Ghostemane’s whole aesthetic.

Much like with Sleepwalking, what I like about this is the mystery surrounding the subject. Claptone always has his face hidden in everything, so that’s what makes this more interesting to me. In the cover for Fantast, the mask is off, but where is Claptone?

And finally, we have the artwork for Scarlxrd’s “DXXM”. The music and the sounds that feature in this album I believe are very well represented by the cover. The album includes screaming, hard beats and a lot of distortion. That chaos is perfectly summed up by the artwork.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this list! I’m sure there will be some here that you like too, and some that you don’t. Please feel free to list your favorite pieces of cover art from 2018 in the comments! 

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