Loop into this Trap

Matt Steiner, an Arizona based artist, often uses marker and pen to create stunning pieces that engross his audience. His style is very unique and different than the trending styles I’ve seen circulate the art community recently.

“Setting a Trap”

His line-work is not the straight lines we think of and expect from figure drawing type art; instead his line expression is continuous and looped. It still maintains the same neatness that straight lines provide. I like this piece for that trait but also for the set up of it’s concept. The good ‘ol banana peel to make somebody slip and fall trap is presented in a new way. We usually see people slip on the peels, not set them up. I also like the exaggerated detail that Steiner uses. The elongated toenails, inflated hand, prominent Adam’s apple, and empty eyes are all standout features. The colors also suit each other well. It’s just, overall, a piece that traps me in place so that I keep looking at it from different angles. Does it trap you? If so let Matt Steiner know via social media.

Connect with Matt Steiner here.