Stuck in Scribbles

Going through Naji Chalhoub’s artwork was captivating. Everything could be interpreted in many ways and my eyes could not focus onto one piece until it reached this mixed media one below. This artist from Lebanon loads his creations with raw emotion and relativity. No matter how chaotic the piece, people can find personal relation to it. This piece, I would say, is one of the more simpler ones but it was able to lock my attention.

Mixed Media on 30×21 cm paper

The eyes keep me trapped to the piece. They have a bit of arrogance and despair to them like the subject is telling me, “Yes, I’m hurting. I am in pain but so what? I’m here. I’m seeing you.” But then again maybe the eyes just portray a sense of feeling lost as they could be perceived as empty. They could even just show enervation. As I said, it is hard to focus on just one particular interpretation with Naji’s work. Stepping away from interpretation though, I can take a look at the skill and detail in what some would consider scribbles. There are shadows, clean lines, and it almost feels like traditional realism even though it’s not. It’s amazing and captivating and I cannot look away from Chalhoub’s work especially this piece. Tell him what you think of this piece and others via social media.

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