Parenthood On Instagram


Meet this great influx of Japanese parents’ comics on Instagram that is taking the world by storm. There are pages upon pages of adorable little colorful comic strips on Instagram that show what these parents have to deal with! These are lighthearted day by day showings of what it’s like to have a toddler on the loose in your life.

If you are an active parent yourself on IG (or just really want a baby like me…) then you have seen the amount of parent material on this social platform. Though these aren’t parent tips and tricks, or even complaints. This is laughing off the hardships of parenthood and sharing their experience with the world.

This type of positive view of parenthood, and most especially motherhood and what it’s like having your body change, is the new wave.

You’re trying your hardest to find out what you’re supposed to do when your toddler causes a tantrum in the store, or what to wear when breastfeeding, and instead you just find lighthearted comics and mommies showing off their struggle with a smile on their face. You’re wondering why everyone’s so happy and easy going about this. Maybe this is a good thing for new parents to see.

To start loving the simple things and take things slowly each day at a time. The Japanese are actually known for having the concept ‘ikigai‘ which is about finding your happiness and peace in life. I think we all have something to learn from not only the positive parenthood wave on Instagram, but also from the Japanese mindset on finding happiness in life’s simplicities.


I think it is an amazing thing for parents to take their stressful days out on a piece of paper, or via digital art. Normally, when you think of an artist getting their emotions out through art, you think of a young adult dealing with other things. Parents are one of the most stressed people of them all! And it’s great they are finding the light in it all, or just sharing the happy days with us, because that’s what matters.

Even if you aren’t a parent, and/or don’t plan on ever being one, I think we can all take something from this today.

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