Pay Homage To The Child Spirit

The art below is the digital art of JoeLius Dubois on Twitter, which was released today (Jan. 21. 2019). It is of a teddy bear that appears to have been abused and hurt, with mismatching limps, a gloomy face, and is holding a gun.

soldier of a distant childhood

What can we say about this piece? Especially with the title of it? For me personally, I feel the pain in this. As someone who has a favorite teddy bear since three years of age, this speaks to me in a way. If you too have had a favorite toy from childhood you can relate to this photo.

To me it appears that this stuffed animal has seen love and loss.

It’s a bear that’s been hugged so hard that it’s stitches popped and it lost stuffing. It’s a bear that has been cried on so many times that there is discoloration in it’s fur. A bear where, the siblings of the owner tried to tear it from the owners arm so hard, it lost it’s limbs. All for love.

But most of all, in this photo, it is a bear that has been abandoned.

We all grow up. We stop watching cartoons, playing with cars or dolls. And we stop loving our special childhood friend. We leave them, in the basement of our parents house, and move out and move on with our lives.

Not a thank you or a goodbye to that special buddy. The one who was with you when things were at their worst. The one who would always hug you and keep you warm when you were confused and hurt, now sits in darkness and dust, forgotten about.

Now, while it is obvious (I mean…) that stuffed animals don’t have emotions or even a soul, I think it is important to look back on what made us who we are today and what helped us get here. To pay homage and respect to what we loved in our childhood. After all, you could say your free-willed child spirit will always reside within that favorite special toy of yours.

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