Re-Imagining Picasso’s Iconic Work with Omar Aqil’s MIMIC

MIMIC is, as of now, a three part self initiated project by Pakistan based 3D Designer Omar Aqil. In this project, Omar looks to add a new life and a new look to some of the influential 20th Century artist Pablo Picasso’s iconic work.

This is such a unique and inspiring project. Each composition that Omar puts together is a work of art in it’s own right. When introducing this project in his first project update, Omar stated that it’s possible, through mimicry and reproduction using the same elements, to give the original works of Picasso new meanings and new implications.

For me, there are two things that I find very impressive in this project. The first thing is being able to mimic an artwork with such accuracy, but still giving the end piece a new look and personal touch. The second is the huge amount of technical skill that is being shown in this project. 3D Design is very time consuming, so the dedication shown in this project is hugely inspirational!

Below, I’ve listed two pieces from each of the current three MIMIC projects. I highly recommend that if you want to check out the rest, and tons of other work from Omar, you check out his Behance page. He also has Instagram, Facebook and Dribbble accounts.

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