Radiation Melts Your Brain

Yung Twilight will always be an artist I keep my eyes peeled for. Making art from digital to physical, he really has his own set style that isn’t going anywhere. He’s a mysterious being in my eyes, and I’m always trying to find out more about him. As a family man he keeps his core values solid and you can say the same about his art style. Yung Twilight enjoys blessing Fangz Magazine with some special art pieces from time to time. Twilight mentions how all the art was made for BkBoyz which is an Art Collective that was started back in 2013. This time he happened to bless us with some digital art pieces of his. Made by scanning old pieces of his art and working his magic via Photoshop. What comes out? A beautiful almost cyberpunk sort of style to it. It’s as if he’s depicting what the future will look like when it’s fully ran by the cyberspace. Communication has seized, only texting and text to speech exists. Would you be able to exist in this sudden change of pace? Follow the story below.

As you enter into the cyber world the bright and vivid life you once knew slowly dissolves into the darker colors you try and avoid in life. As you enter deeper the radiation starts to consume your brain and your physical form begins to dissolve. A feeling of motion begins to overtake your sensations as your vision becomes fully black.

Your vision begins to return but not as you once remember, you view life in a different realm now. Where is this? Have you entered the afterlife? You can’t tell what you’re looking at, and where you are, but you know it’s different. Only more exploring can explain these answers.

As you step out of the loading room, things become a little overwhelming. You’re clearly not in the time frame you once were, what year is it? Are you safe to be out right now? Your head starts to spin, you take deep breathes to stable yourself. There is other people, yet they are avoiding you. One even has a gun. Is that human? You can’t decide. You must move on and find the answers you’re looking for.

You escape the darker depths of the cyber esq. world, things seem clearly yet your radiated vision prevents you from seeing clearly. It has become clear you are stuck here, in this new reality. Have you jumped dimensions, or are you simply in the future? Your true journey is to find who controls this wasteland of emotionless zombies. Who brought you here? Was it yourself or a higher being?

Money is no longer what you once remember it being, the paper dollar is dead. It’s used for warmth these days. Life is filled with implanted chips and crypto currencies. You must find your way thru the slumps and embed yourself into this new community. Will you survive in this new life?

How does art from Yung Twilight make you feel? Leave your comments down below. Find more art from Yung Twlight here as well.

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