Revisit The Happy Times With Mia Page

Mia Page is a 21-year-old art student in San Diego. Her art brings an almost homey feel with it being cartoon and colorful. It is such a pleasant view and reminds me of my childhood, personally. Catching grasshoppers, and watching butterflies, the only memories I have of my childhood were of the summer.

A Butterfly

To me her work captures summer, innocence, and love. On her site, she actually writes how she tries to incorporate the warm feelings of fun, happiness, and cuteness into her art. I do believe it shows and that you can feel it too.

Drawings from observation: Newport Beach

It is a warm, fresh breath of air to see art like this. Warm and fresh like when I used to go to the local park/beach in the summer time with my family as a kid.

Mia Page doesn’t restrict herself to one type of medium, though. She also does animations, and has done two short films. As well as mini comics, paper mache sculptures, ceramics, and a choose your own adventure website!

Starting to make zines as well, Mia Page does it all, and with love and warmth to share.

Page describes her art style as ‘simple illustrations’. Not even recalling when drawing first came to be for her, she’s been doing it forever. Page continues to create from her heart and I can’t wait to see what more she has in store.

Comics: The Garden

How does Page’s art make you feel? What memories does it bring up for you? Leave your comments down below.

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