Rip The Emotions Off Your Face

The 18-year-old Texan artist is reaching new heights with his new piece titled “rips.” Veins mentions that when working on this piece, he made the mistake of painting on thin paper, being mad, he ended up ripping it. After he got his anger out, he laid it over some doodle pieces and scanned it as is. As an artist who doesn’t mind breaking his own art, I really enjoy the destructive beauty layered into one. You can truly see how Veins was feeling during this piece even if it’s not clear to everyone. The intense amount of details will have you captured into a new world full of pain and grief. Do you rip these emotions away or let them devour you? Veins has a dark style of art, which can speak a thousand words depending on the viewers mind state, as an artist who deals with depression and anxiety himself, it really captures the emotions so others can relate.

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Rips original
Original “rips” piece.

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