A Vibrant World Isn’t A Happy World

A vibrant world of acrylic paint doesn’t always depict a happy one. Sinclair’s recent piece “Pierre is scared to go out” has shown just that. As the cigarettes burn, and time moves slower, you wonder what it’d be like to be so bold? Anxiety is vibrant just like his eyelids. You cry and scream, your emotions are twirling, sometimes it’s scary to leave on your own. The safety of your home can not be beat, however it’s good to step out of your comfort zone. I feel as if this piece displays a feeling of being anxious, angry, sad, and alone all in one. The more I stare closer into the eyes of Pierre, I get a feeling of guilt. A want and a need to help him, maybe that’s just me however? How does this piece make you feel? Leave your comments below.

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Pierre is scared to go Out

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