Diving Deep With Ellier, A Creative Artist

Today I had the opportunity to message Ellier and question her about her plans for the future and why she makes art. During this interview we get close and personal to explain the true meaning of her art. Art can help people through the hardest times, and Ellier is a perfect example of someone it helps. Read below about how it helps her. Does art help you in any way, shape or form? Or do you do it for fun? Leave a comment below telling us!

Emotionull: What name do you prefer to go by?

I go by a lot of names but the one I’m trying to push for is Ellier. It’s the persona that’s most creative.

Ellier The Artist

Emotionull: How old are you and what age did you start making art?

I’m 18, about to be 19 in February. I’ve always made art from a young age. I was so lucky to be sent to art academies during my summers to learn techniques, and its helped me learn what i like and don’t like early on. 

Emotionull: That’s very cool, was it your choice to go to Art Academies?

Emotionull: Explain your art style in three words.

emotional, provoking, synesthetic

– Ellier

Emotionull: Does your art help you mentally or do you make it for other reasons?

absolutely. I’m currently diagnosed with a BP disorder, and that causes me to have sometimes overwhelming emotions and a lack of control over them. painting allows me to hone in on those emotions and drain them from my body into a canvas. along with my synesthesia, they help portray emotions in my art that you wouldn’t usually feel looking at a painting.

Emotionull: Hell yeah, that’s amazing, you’ve found something that helps you release said emotions. Everyone needs something like that in life.

Emotionull: I saw a piece out of the few that you sent me, and it really stood out to me, could you describe your process and thoughts while making it?

“voices in my head” was something way out of my comfort zone. it was my junior year of high school and i had been dealing with drug addiction as well as abuse from a failing relationship. i remember sitting in my room for hours with feelings of despair, just lost and not knowing what i was doing with my life. i picked up some paints and a canvas i had in my closet, turned The Weeknd on repeat and let all my emotions out. all the feelings of anger and betrayal, being sad and confused. It was very therapeutic and allowed me to feel validated.

Emotionull: That’s always the best way to work. Release. Release. Release. I love it. I’m so glad you can express yourself through art.

Voices In My Head

Emotionull: With that being said, what’s your favorite medium to work with? (Favorite materials you like to use when making art.)

My favorite has to be oils. its not my usual medium because its so expensive but its depth and forgiving paint makes for amazing portraits

Emotionull: Do you see yourself making art for a living? Or just therapy?

I hope I can do it for a living. I’ve sold quite a few prints this last month and I’m hoping to do commissions, but people aren’t recognizing i have a certain style and have asked me to paint their pets- which i absolutely cant do. but in time it will pick up and I wont have to work a 9-5 anymore. that’s my goal. 

Emotionull: Keep grinding, it will come in due time. Also I agree, sometimes it’s hard to create other peoples visions. I think the more you experiment the more comfortable you’ll become.

With that being said, could you explain some goals you have for your art?

narrowing down on my own individual style to the point where people can say “that was painted by Ellier” is my biggest goal. I’d like to start making a name for myself on the east coast too. I’ve sold to California, Utah and Nevada during my first drop so I think I’m doing well. In the end I want to be in art exhibits.

Emotionull: I personally can see your art reaching those goals that’s why I reached out to you. I’ve always known you as a genuine person.

Emotionull: What are ways the people can find you online?

As of right now I’ve only got two sources. My twitter which is where you can find my art and prices and my Instagram where i promote special deals/last minute sales. I’m working on a website but that wont be completed for another few months.

Emotionull:  And how can people purchase your art prints or request a commission?

m’ing me on social media or emailing me at [email protected]

Editor Note:

Many thanks to Ellier. You can find her on the following.