The Stability Chair

This is a piece by Celeste Mountjoy, better known as Filthyratbag. She’s an Australian artist who mainly uses simple line-work to depict very emotional subjects. This piece stood out to me because it gave me things to think about and it reminds me a little of Egon Schiele’s work. Although their styles differ greatly with Egon’s work using more detail and various mediums, something brings me to connect the two. I believe it’s the movement and positioning of the subject’s body. Both artists, Egon and Celeste, both use position to convey emotion.

The emotion conveyed here seems to be that of instability and being close to defeat. The figure holds onto the prop, a sturdy chair, yet she is still falling forward. Her one leg lifts up, pressure on the toes against the ground and her arm interlocks with the chair showing that she is still trying to hold herself up. This shows that although her head hangs in defeat and her one leg is slipping, she is still trying to be stable.

We all have a point in our lives where everything around us is built well, everything is sturdy in a sense. The house or apartment we have is well-structured. The group of people and the support they give us could be unwavering. We could have our dream job. We build up things that are supposed to help our stability but we still find ourselves falling and in chaos. What builds your stability and do you find yourself faltering? Let us know. Also, let Celeste Mountjoy (Filthyratbag) know your thoughts on her piece via social media.

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