Did You Pick This Life?

Don’t forget you choose this life, a sinister undertone yet an uplifting message. This piece’s cold stare makes you reflect on your life and the decisions you’ve made good or bad. Staring into the bleeding right eye gave me a sense of suffering almost making me feel pity for the face. This piece is like a mirror, the emotionless expression displays a person who is tired while the softer blue eye and lips tell me a story of hope. The Greens, Browns, and Reds of the background leap into your sight, the story the whole piece conveys is easily applicable to the person viewing the art. The unsymmetrical aspects of the face suggests a feeling of not being in control or being unable to change and fix a problem. Loneliness and hurt beam out of the whole canvas making you want to extend a helping hand or a listening ear. You may pay more attention to detail, you’ll notice a stethoscope under the chin of the face this combined with the word tobacco makes me believe this is a doctor looking into the eyes of another patient having to deliver the devastating news that their nicotine addiction has given them a fatal disease. The stale stare reminds us that we all choose how we live this life and sometimes the vices we indulge ourselves in can be the same ones that have us meet an early end. Danny is clearly a very talented artist being able to bring so much emotion and questions is nothing short of remarkable. Talent like this is rare and as he continues to make art it will only get better.

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