The Husband & Wife Duo Blial Cabal

I recently reached out to Blial Cabal, the husband and wife duo that has been creating art together for quite some time now. Steven and Maranda have been happily married for over six years and have been working together side by side creating what they love. Steven has been professionally illustrating since 2014, while Maranda does the screen printing. She has been doing professional screen printing work for over ten years, you can see some of the work they create together being made via their Instagram. It’s extremely satisfying watching the printing process.

Above you can see a short time lapse video of Steven working on the “Baphomet II” Illustration.

Some may find the art from Blial Cabal to be scary, or frightening, as they often take inspiration from dark arts & occult like imagery. They mention via their website that they take a lot of inspiration from music, fine arts, literature, and all things Esoteric & Occult. Learn more about this creative art duo as they answer a few questions below.

Emotionull: What do you two go by? 

We are Blial Cabal the Husband and Wife Duo, we go by Steven and Maranda.

Emotionull: As a husband and wife duo, how did you start making art together? 

From the very beginning of our relationship we spent most of our free time creating art together so it din’t take long for us to realize that we had a mutually beneficial and interdependent skill-set.

Emotionull: How old are you both? 

Good question……

Emotionull: How long have you been married? 

We’ve been incredibly happily married for a little over 6 years now.

Emotionull: Where do you reside and make art? 

We live in the California Foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in a little Gold Rush Town called Grass Valley. 

Emotionull: You take a lot of inspiration the occult lifestyle, where did this obsession come from?

Equally intrigued by many different types of esoteric knowledge & belief we have found a plethora of inspiration among the dark arts and the occult. However, we certainly wouldn’t call it an obsession. 

Emotionull: What mediums do you usually use? 

Steven usually uses Nib & Ink on Paper, he’s been illustrating professionally since 2014.  Steven is also a painter occasionally working with water color, oil, and acrylic. Copper Plate Etching is another of Steven’s mediums and he’s hoping to etch more frequently in the forthcoming years. Maranda is a screen printer she’s been screen printing for over 10 accumulative years onto various mediums.

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