The Irony Of the Spotlight

Jet Le Parti is an artist who takes the expressionist art style to a whole new level. There isn’t much public information on Jet Le, yet you can find all his art via his website or his Instagram.

Today we’ll be looking at the extremely vibrant and colorful piece that depicts a sort of story board of art. Within each box there is a new story to be told. I can’t say I fully understand this piece because I don’t, that is for the artist to fully know. However I do catch some messages in this piece, that I can take from it personally. Is it right? Probably not, but that’s the beauty of art, being able to take your own meaning from it.

I sort of feel like Jet Le is saying it’s ironic to be in the spotlight, maybe even dumb. Life moves on even when you exit the room. I can see that being one of the more possible meanings out of the many that is probably embedded in this piece.

I really enjoy his work due to it’s large scale and deep layering. He isn’t afraid to go over something he’s already made to emphasize his ideas into a deeper image. What do you think of his work? Let him know via Instagram.

Find more art from Jet Le Parti here.