The Stars Smile with pain

Star Smiles” is a message from DreamSoulja depicting more than you may assume with first glance. Made with graphite pencil, ink, and stickers, this piece has an overall style that is specific to Dream. At first glance you assume it’s a happy piece of art, however if you look closer you’ll see the deeper meanings implanted into the piece. DreamSoulja mentions how he was in a very weird head space during this piece, physically and mentally. Explaining how it was the last piece of the year that he made and naturally transcribes the pain and struggle he went through. You can see this through the upside down happy face stickers as well as the gaping whole in the beings’ heart. There is some other deeper messages implanted in this piece, including but not limited to the upside cross and the single teardrop. Dream is an artist that seems to think deeper than your typical artist. There could be deeper meanings in this piece as a whole. Only DreamSoulja will know the true meaning. How does this piece make you feel? Leave your comments down below.

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