The Who’s Hu Interview

I had the chance to sit down and talk with the multi-disciplined visual and recording artist Who’s Hu? Take a read to find out all about his background, inspirations, upcoming projects, and more! 

Samuel: What name do you like to go by and have people refer to you as?

Who’s Hu?: I go by Who’s Hu? I changed my name and concealed my identity in a rebrand as I did as an artist (recording artist.) I was inspired by Banksy & the Gorillaz. I think not knowing who the artist is makes it that much more intriguing.


S: Why did you start creating artwork and at what age?

WH?: I’ve been drawing since I could remember and my grandmomma really showed me how to paint around 9-10. As of now I just create digital artwork or make cool edits. But I do it for fun, to put my twist on something. I still draw but that’s strictly stress relief.


S: It’s dope that you have a family connection to art, and that you use it as a stress relief. Aside from Banksy and the Gorillaz, who/what else do you take inspiration from?

WH?: From anywhere. From myself at times. It’s a good way for me to use situations in life and put it into music and using the music to inspire the artwork. I’m influenced by a lot of artists in music and imagery too many to count.


S: A lot more people should be inspired by their own work honestly. Being able to take your own experiences and put it into your art is essential. So, where do you see yourself and your craft in five years time?

WH?: Not sure honestly. Would love to make a living off of either one of my crafts and to be better every year. I think I have to keep creating no matter what it is.


S: That’s fair. It’s good to continue growing as an artist, which I’ve seen you do. If you had to choose three pieces that you’ve created, what would they be and why?

WH?: This one I just thought was a cool edit of my daughter and I. She’s my world and even though nobody knows us I still want the world to see her like I do. A princess. A dope one.

I really like this one. I’m from Phoenix so I used the orangeish color for the desert but I came up in the city so I feel it’s a mix of the two worlds out there. Was actually my first print I gave away.

This is probably my favorite. It’s actually a picture of my sister who sent it as a joke. I started editing it for fun so I could send it back. But it ended up being more to me and used it as the cover photo for all my socials.

S: I really like your editing style! The mix of intense colouring and the grunge works great. And the piece with you and your daughter is fantastic! Do you try to create something daily, or create when the inspiration comes?

WH?: I like to keep my feed up to date with the color schemes I’m going for. But when I’m really wanting to try something different and cool, it’s just whenever it happens.

S: Consistency is always key! I just have two more questions for you. Are you currently working on a new project that we should be expecting?

WH?: Yes I’m actually finishing up a surprise project that will be free. And currently in the creative stages/writing my first debut album which will be available everywhere. All artwork will be done by myself. I’m also working with other artists, and selling custom cover art & edits as well.

S: That’s great to hear! I’m looking forward to seeing what you have in store! I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to find out more about you and your craft. My final question is; Where can we find you online?


Thanks for giving me the chance to tell about me and my story! It’s been great!

I want to thank Who’s Hu? again for spending time with me and being so open during this interview. Please follow him on the various social medias and platforms mentioned above to keep up to date with all he has going on!

This interview was conducted and written by Samuel J. Stroud. You can keep up to date with myself via my Twitter: @samueljstroud.