Travel the world in The Atlas Project

Benee Winkel is an artist that enjoys creating what she loves in the calm and relaxing essence of nature. Recently, she has announced her new project titled “The Atlas Project.” She has shared the first page of the big book of open pages. I feel as if she opened this project on a very dark, and meaningful note, depicting an abstract face of the beautiful earth we live on. The face shows a sort of pain in its core, maybe a feeling of being exhausted. The earth works hard every day to keep things spinning, while humans continue to deface and destroy what is life to them. I enjoy her use of a simple red ink, as red often depicts blood, war, anger, & pain. While talking to Benee, she mentions how she mainly enjoys creating outside in the open world. Some pictures she has shared with me have been astounding, I’m very excited to see where this project goes for her.

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