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I reached out to Yung Twilight because I really enjoy his art style; it has an extreme psychedelic style to it, which stands out a lot. asking him if he had any new art out, or planning to release any. He happened to have three pieces he could bless us with. With these pieces you can see twilight’s mind-altering style flourish in these old yet newly finished pieces. Twilight mentions how these pieces were from over a year ago, and that two of them we’re low times in his life. That’s the amazing part about art, it can truly help people when they are down and feeling low. Below are comments from Twilight about the three pieces, including where he was at the time in life and what mediums he used via the piece. I also left a few opinions on the pieces about how I see them.

This piece stood out because of its dark feeling, Twilight mentions how he was very lost and you can see that in the reddish orange and black color scheme. With the red being the emotionally intense color, usually related to danger, war, and love. However, I feel as if the mix of the orange color is a reminder that the light will come, as orange is often related to happiness, creativity, determination, and success. Even if Twilight didn’t realize he did this, it’s still there, and it’s how I view the piece. Also shout out Step Brothers.

This first piece took the longest. When I started it I was so lost. Not only on the project but in my own head. I really scrambled everything I could into 1 piece. I was about to get locked up over some shit and I felt like everything around me was crumbling. I put my everything into that piece. It took me almost a year. I’ve never been more satisfied with a piece I made tho. I used spray paint for the base color and just did my alien pattern thing with some paint markers.

Yung Twilight

This piece really has that melting face sort of feel to it. With his distinct use of symbols layered deep into the psychedelic visual. I also seem to keep finding new faces in this piece, not sure if he tried to add a lot of faces but they seem to appear more and more the harder I look.

On the second piece I really didn’t know how I was feeling. I was just down. I never really did much with it because I wanted to make it look how I felt. I was just confused man.. I used spray paint and markers again on this 1.

Yung Twilight

The third and final one would most definitely be my favorite out of the three. The color scheme pops and the piece overall feels like a transmission from an extraterrestrial. The green and red center piece really reminds me of an alien sort of head. Twilight also mentioned how he faced blunts before making this piece which is relatable while talking to Twilight I found him to be a chill guy. I wouldn’t miss the chance to check out his art.

The 3rd piece man that’s my baby. I am really into aliens and alien patterns and shit like that. I don’t know where I got these patterns I think they’ve been placed in my head. That painting is 1 of the only paintings I’ve made that I actually like. This piece took me 3 days. I smoked blunt after blunt and just studied it. I worked on it for literally 3 days straight. I was so inspired by something I myself created and that really was an eye opening experience. This piece was made with spray paint and paint markers.

Yung Twilight

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