Unity In Darkness And Depression

This piece by Dreamsoulja titled “Euthanasia” is by far one of my favorite pieces done by him. Soulja has a unique style when it comes to his color pallet es, character designs, and overall aesthetic of the piece. When you see a piece by him you’ll notice it quick, most if not all of his piece contain a down to earth and hard hitting message that will get you rethinking how you viewed the world. The title of this piece is a message in its own, however the imagery combined really ties all the pieces together.

I feel as if the crowd represents humanity as a whole, as the clouds rain down and pelt the people below. Pain can be felt through connecting these two small objects of the piece. However, I think Soulja is showing beauty in pain and suffering. The blue and pink being huddled together inside of this shining ball of life in a sense shows unity. Connections. The piece seems to switch between a very dark and depressed message to a very uplifting one. What do you think of this piece? Let Dreamsoulja know on Twitter.

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