Urban Exploration At Night

Germany based photographer Andreas Levers has a running project in which he explores urban areas at night, producing some breathtaking shots. This (as of writing) seven part series includes some incredible shots spanning a number of different locations.

One of the standout features of is photographing scenes when there is fog present. A lot of photographers would try to avoid this, maybe coming back another night to get shots without this fog, but Levers embraces it, using the naturally forming aerosol to his advantage. Doing this allows Andreas to capture beautifully moody and cinematic shots that blends perfectly with the architecture.

Below, you can see a work from each of the current seven sets in the At Night project. I’ve included one from each of the sets so you can get an idea of how incredible this project. And despite them all running along the same theme, they each have their own defining elements and characteristics.

From At Night 7 on Behance
From At Night 6 on Behance
From At Night 5 on Behance
From At Night 4 on Behance
From At Night 3 on Behance
From At Night 2 on Behance
From At Night 1 on Behance

Something that I love about this project is that none of the shots feature any form of life. To me, it feels as though we’re seeing a world in which there are no humans. As though everything has been built, but an event has caused the people who once inhabited these areas to vacate, leaving the structures they’ve worked on behind.

You can see the photography from all editions of the At Night project on Andreas’ Behance, where you’ll also be able to see a vast number of other photograph work from his beautiful portfolio! You can also follow himself and his work via his Twitter account.

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