Urban Photography in the Philippines

Photographer James Saluta has a stunning set of work that explores the streets and lives of those living in urban areas of the Philippines.

Through his lens, we can see the chaotic and hectic lives that the people before us live. There are incredibly detailed shots that make sure to focus on the decay and litter around and on the ground. There’s also an overall grunge and real feeling to the work, making it feel as though we can walk right onto the streets and into the crowds that are the subjects of Saluta’s work.

I also love that in this project traditional and ceremonial aspects mix with modern technology and signage, as we can see from the first image of the set below.

The use of the wide angles in this project that span from floor to sky really lets us take everything in, and see subjects in full detail.

If you’re interested in seeing this project as a whole, and more of James Saluta’s work, please check out his Behance, Twitter and Instagram accounts!

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