What is FANGZ?

FANGZ is a brand new outlet that’s main focus is creating exposure for underground designers and artists alike. Our main goal is to create a platform for Underground Artists, Designers, Editors, Photographers, Videographers, Painters, Poets and anyone working in any creative field to have their work shown and made visible to a large group of people.

What Will I See on FANGZ?

You’ll see a bit of everything! We’ll be posting regular explorations of various designs and art styles, music video critiques, artist & editor interviews, poetryand more. Really, we’ll be posting anything and everything to do with Underground Art!

Who’s Behind FANGZ?

There is a small, but dedicated team behind FANGZ. The two team members are experienced with skills ranging from graphic design, music production, physical art creation, web designvideo editing, and more! The two members of FANGZ are Emotionull & Samuel J. Stroud. You can find more info on Emotionull & Sam on the Team page.

What Are the Packages?


As well as being an outlet to show off all forms of art, we also offer various creative services to help you or your brand have a more cohesive image, both on and offline. You can see a breakdown of each service on the Service page, as well as in introduction and information about how it all works here.

Is there an artist that you would like to see interviewed? Are there any particular art styles you’d like to know more about? Let us know!

You can contact us via the Submit Art page, or by email: [email protected],ink, as well as private messaging Emotionull on twitter.

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